Why you should play Book of Ra online casino slot?

book of ra

Have you ever wondered how slots gain popularity? Book of Ra online casino slot is not pretty. At least in today’s standards. And yet year after year Book of Ra remains as one of the most popular slots online.

What’s its success?

Book of Ra – Rise to Glory

You might not know this but Book of Ra was born in a brick-and-mortar casino a couple of decades ago. This is actually one of the reasons by Novomatic’s Book of Ra slot doesn’t have the best graphics. It did not have the best of starts but little by little casino tourists started playing the game.

Eventually, after growing to be one of the most popular slots in a live setting, the slot was launched online. The first Book of Ra online casino launch was on 2005. Which was still pretty early years for online casinos. But as it already had plenty of loyal fans, Book of Ra quickly surpassed most online slots.

book of ra

But old fans weren’t enough. The slot had to draw and keep new players. And it did so effortlessly.

How to play Book of Ra

Why Book of Ra online casino slot had so much ease to draw new players? Egypt was always a successful theme but Book of Ra was more than that. Book of Ra was cheap and easy to play but also offered something extra.

For example, it was only a 9 line slot, but you could play 1 if you wanted. Or two. This allowed even beginners to try out the mechanics of this new amazing slot.

As an extra, you also have a simple double or nothing round. It triggers every time you have a winning spin. You can keep your winnings or go for a double up. As simple as this concept is, players seem to not get enough of it. It’s likely because in slots you get used to small wins. But on Book of Ra you could go for a double up several times in a row and make $5 even from a $0.10 win.

Always keep trying

If Book of Ra online casino had a slogan, it would be something like ‘always keep trying’. That’s what they did with the series. Book of Ra was only the first slot. Then it came Egyptian Experience, Secret of Egypt, Dynasty of Ra and other titles. Plus, Novomatic also continued the story of Book of Ra.

book of ra slots

In 2008 the first Book of Ra deluxe slot was released and redesigned in 2011. And there is also a Book of Ra 2.

Many new players hear about Book of Ra for the first time and don’t know that it’s more than just one game. It’s a franchise as big as the Avengers movie. If you have never tried it, go ahead. We’ll try to find some free spins for you to play – look out for the offers.

Book of Ra deserves a place in the Hall of Fame of online slots. You should definitely try it.