Online casino PayPal: how to deposit?

paypal casino

Online casino PayPal deposits may be the safest and quickest you can make. But for first time users, it may be a bit confusing. Because PayPal doesn’t say ‘make a deposit in 3 steps’. They let you choose one of two methods to use.

Today we will explain how you can make simple deposits to your casino account.

Using PayPal at Casino: Benefits

PayPal is 20 years old. It’s one of the safest companies to use because of their protocols, rigorous updates and checks. And it’s so easy to use. Once you register, you only need an email account to use PayPal. At an online casino, PayPal is also great because they have a tremendous mobile app.

If you need to check anything, use fingerprint locks, so even if you lose your smartphone, you can be confident no one can use your PayPal account.

Online casino PayPal Deposits

paypal casino

If you decided to use online casino PayPal deposits, you should know that there are two fundamentally different ways you can use PayPal. You can fully connect your credit card, debit card or bank account to PayPal.

This way you will always have a $0.00 in your PayPal account. It will simply work as a transferring service. Once a request is made, PayPal will contact your bank, get the money and send it to the casino.

The other method of PayPal use is the same as any e-wallet. You via a casino or your friends can send you money to your PayPal where it will stay. In this way PayPal may keep balances for different currencies. Keep in mind that PayPal takes a fee when you receive the money but does not charge any transfers between your PayPal and your bank account.

But the second method doesn’t mean your account is completely separate from your bank. You can still have never received money to PayPal and have a nil account. When you want to buy something, the same procedure applies. If there is no cash in your PayPal wallet, the company will take the money out of your bank account. That’s why we recommend using this method if you play at casino.

PayPal for Casino

paypal casino

How do you use PayPal at a casino? First, register an account. Assuming you already have accounts at the casino and PayPal, go to your casino profile. Find a link or a button that says ‘Deposit’.

Pick PayPal and the exact amount of your deposit.

The casino will ask you to confirm the email and password you use for PayPal.

You will be taken to a PayPal account for confirmation (just like in any other case of shopping online). If you agree, click Confirm.

You will also get a receipt to your email as well as a notification on your phone. So, you can be sure that if anyone ever gets a hold of your account, you will know about it immediately.